Speaking Hangul Essay

Section 1

Receiving Down the Fundamentals

In This Chapter

Sounding away with Korean phonetics

Delivering the basic vowels and consonants

Working on appearing fluent

Rehearsing some Korean phrases

Employing Korean actions

Surprising a woneomin (won-uh-min; native speaker) of Korea by correctly

pronouncing a mungu (moon-goo; phrase or maybe a munjang (moon-jang; sen-

tence) of their terminology can be jaemi (jae-mee; fun). And the aim of this

section is to help you do accurately that. In this article you will learn the right way to pronounce

Korean and have a hang of a few common haengdong (hang-dong; gestures). It

shouldn't take long for you to commence fooling your Korean chingudeul (chin-

goo-deul; friends) in to thinking that you might have secretly been spending time mas-

tering the chinese language.

Like unjeon (oon-jun; driving), riding ajajeongeo (ja-juhn-guh; bike) or

tightrope geotgi (gut-gee; walking), in order to to get better for pronouncing

Korean is by exercising. And the simply way to fix your blunders is by producing

them. Therefore in this phase, I present words just like chimdae (chim-dae; bed),

angyeoung (an-gyoung; attention glasses), chitsol (chi-sol; toothbrush), and keopi

(kuh-pee; coffee) so you can practice saying phrases throughout your daily rou-

tine, and also teach you some basic phrases and phrases to help you start

connecting in Korean language. The more Korean you integrate into your daily

routine and daehwa (dae-hwa; conversations) you may have, the better your

understanding of Korean can become. Try to get a Korean friend to work with

you. Practicing accurate pronunciation is not going to help you deutgi (deut-

gee; listen) and malhagi (mal-ha-gee; speak), however it will also get you brownie

points, since Koreans is going to think very of you for taking you a chance to master the

finer parts of their local language.

Inside the following areas, I present the noises in their Romanized alphabeti-

cal order. Even though it might take a while to get used to Korean appears, there

are not any new ideas to learn including tone or pitch.

10 Part We: Getting Started

Receiving the Basic Appears

Korean, just like English, is actually a phonetic eoneo (un-uh; language). Each character of

the Korean sseugi (sseu-gee; writing) system signifies a audio, be it a vowel

or maybe a consonant. Although Korean has its own writing program, Hangeul, learn-

ing Korean using Korean language script will demand that you learn various audio

change rules. So instead throughout this guide, I will Romanize (write the

sounds of Korean in English) Korean phonetics, or sounds, using the

English abc.

The Romanization method that we have picked is the revised Romanization of

Korean given the green light by the Korean language government in year 2000. Using Romanization,

I will write out how the character types sound so that you can jump into conversation

instantly without learning these rules. Additionally , I have included as well the

pronunciation of the Korean language words in brackets with English translation.

If you have time, I suggest that you learn the Korean script,

Hangeul. Hangeul was developed in the mid 1400s by the Ruler Sejong's man-

date to make a writing system that could easily be discovered by commoners....


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