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Job Safety Evaluation and Cost Safety Research

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The following document describes lines the domestic works conducted on the new garage area area, which includes the preparing and putting on epoxy coatings to the flooring and wall space. This will are the scope in the works, and a job basic safety analysis and a priced at analysis around the intended performs. The job safety analysis is usually presented when it was written by the sub-contractor, Epoxy Coating Providers and to become received by Work director which in the case will be Sam Sommerville to be approved just before works can commence. An expense safety research will also be performed on the job security analysis to identify a rough estimate of expense, of the protection equipment instructed to allow this job to commence. Background Information

The home works involve a recently constructed two door garage, with a reinforced concrete slab for the base and 3 reinforced tangible walls. This job required the flooring surfaces and wall surfaces of the storage area to be ready and have epoxy coatings put on the concrete surfaces; these works will probably be conducted by sub-contractor and monitored by the work manager. Scope of Work

The opportunity of work will certainly outline the inclusions and exclusions with the entire job regarding the epoxying preparation and application on the floor and walls of the newly constructed car port. Inclusions

Subcontractor shall offer all work and direction

Subcontractor shall provide almost all materials, grow and gear, Internal revealed concrete floors

Preparation of concrete surfaces i. at the. Grinding, acid, water blasting Preparation of epoxy items

Application of Epoxy coating of the Garage cement floor base Application of Epoxy coating of the Garages 3 concrete surfaces Removal of dirt and standard clean-up of work site


Sub-contractor will not likely conduct the Painting with the walls and floors Sub-contractor will not mount the Tangible Floor sealer

Sub-contractor will not likely install the External wall membrane Sealer

Sub-contractor will never install the internal wall Sealer

Job Safety Evaluation


Sommerville's Garage Task


Epoxy coating Companies

Work Manager:

Sam Sommerville

Trade package:


JSA Subject:

Prepare and apply epoxy coatings

Ref # 1

Rev # 1

Rev Date: 27/09/2013


thirty four Malak Cres, Malak, Darwin


Epoxy coating companies

JSA Number






Job / Activity

Prepare and apply epoxy coatings

To get reviewed simply by

Sam Sommerville

Date of Review


Codes of Practise/ Criteria Consulted and be complied with Work Health and Basic safety Act 2011

Hazardous Manual task – Code of Practice 2011

Hazardous chemicals – Code of practice 2003

Managing the risk of falls at workplaces – Code of practice 2011 The right way to manage operate health and basic safety risks – Code of Practice 2011 Managing noise and stopping hearing loss at your workplace – Code of Practice 2011 Rough Blasting Code of Practice 2004

Herb and Gear Required for this Activity

Sanding/Grinding tools

Extraction fans

Combining drills







Know the supplies to be utilized

Personal injury, environmental discharge of toxic components, fire causing toxic smoke, explosion E24

SDS and EPG has to be read and signed away before start of process M9


Loading and unloading of equipment from cars

Injury because of incorrect lift methods


Follow suggestions as per Manual


Supervisor as well as All employees

Electrical equipment test tag out of date / missing, or perhaps tool damaged E24

Isolate tool and mark while not to be use. Inform supervisor. Usually do not bring on to site M10

Supervisor / All staff

Prepare work area

Spill or perhaps leakage risk


Assess area intended for set up of hazardous materials as to what will happen in...


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