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Ks Buu Dien _ Ha Very long P& Big t Hotel (3 star)

Tel: 84. thirty-three. 384 4890- 3844891- 3844892

Fax: 84. 33. 3845416

E-mail: [email protected] vnn. vn

Website: www.dulichbuudien. com. vn

Lie within the edge of Ha Extended Bay – a natural scenery that has been admit twice as the world wonder simply by UNESCO, 3-star hotel is among the faultless architectural works with 10 storeys well-equipment with lift, central air conditioning unit, international connection and television set channels transmitted from satellite. From the greatest position from the hotel, spectacle of St?lla till med ett Long can be seen in sight. The hotel contains the following services:

Rooms: you will discover 112 areas designed and decorated in modern structures and numerous shapes. Price are suitable on your demand. Restaurants and dinning-room: can serve from 500-600 customers with European and Asian foods and Japanese special foodstuff under skillful hands of professional cooks who will gratify you since enjoying. Bars located in floors with various cocktails and refreshments will bring about unforgettable minute in graceful context of Ha Long city. Huge halls and small conference rooms are decorated with modern signals and appear best for conventions, seminars and signing contracts… In addition , hotel also has various other services: office buildings for lease, domestic and international trips, currency change, air solution booking, visa for australia extension, tourist cars to rent and souvenir shop… With young and amazing staffs of full-time teaching and excited behavior.

Claime gon lodge ( 4 star)

Neighborhood information

Bai Chay beach: 100m

Tourist wharf: 500m

Bank: 100m- post office: 1km

Market: 1km

Bus station: 5km

For reservations you should contact

Halong road, Baichay ward, Halong city, Quangninh province, Vietnam Tel: (84-33) 3845845

Fax: (84-33) 3845849

Email: [email protected] vnn. vn – [email protected] com


Dream motel ( some star)

Number 10 HaLong Road, HaLong City, Quang Ninh region, Vietnam Hot line reservation:...


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