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32000 2Entry 2These people 6Auditing 2Economics 7Foreseeable future 2Difference 3Kindergarten 2Expression 3Statistics 3Philippines 2Board-of-directors 2Barack-obama 3Corporate 2China and tiawan 2October 3Bangladesh 6Part 52015 4United states 2Health 7Edition 2Economy 3Gold 2Vertical 2Down under 2Role 4Organisation 2Their particular 15Book 9Emotions 3Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs 5County 2Reader 4Advertising 7Known 2Subject 2Area 4Populace 2Heart 3Catherine 2Guilt 2Total 2Operating-system 2Journey 3Exchange 2Prevalent 4Most 12Poem 4Ivan 2Cause 2Science 4Described 2Liability 3Girls 2United-nations 2Track 2Colonies 2Indigenous-peoples-of-the-americas 2Substantial 3Personnel 2Police 32012 15Selling 2Tactical 2California 2International 8Carbon-dioxide 3Never 2Administrator 2Payments 2Traffic 22014-2018 2Goes 2Identified 2Question 3Mass media 2Buyers 2Birthday 2World-war-ii 8Life 24Italia 2Emotional 2Info 4Questions 2Which in turn 9Assistance 2Comes 2Claudio 2Light 2Indian 3Chemical substance 2Studies 2Training course 2Childhood 2Village 2Terrorist 3Politics 4Max-weber 3Ethnic 2The 9Heat 2Italy 2Volume 2Applied 2Employment 5Functions 4Advancement 3Individual 12Finally 2Basis 2Concentration 3Increase 3Japanese 2Playing 2Violence 2Modern 3Teenage life 2List 2Economical 2Argument 2Working 3Surgery 2Engineering 2Ideals 2Power 7Determination 2Immigration 2Ignore 2Changing 3Naoh 22006 8There 13Started 2Lifestyle 8Israel 2Developed 399 42005 6Morgan 2Michael 2Code 2Heading 2Processes 2Native american 2Cars 3Customers 9Areas 4Stores 2Goods 6Husband 2Knew 2School 10Higher 2Wanted 3Star 2Client 6Supply-chain-management 2Attack 2Started out 2Called 3President 2Spiritual 2Cleaning 2Payment 3American-football 2Appreciate 7Want 5Man 3Years 16Show 3Tools 2The-reader 3Today 2Components 3Technology 10Class 4Return 2Terrorists 2Mental-disorder 2Demand 2Occupational-safety-and-health 2Damage 2Production 2Amount 3Produce 2In a position 3Computer system 2Visitors 2Creation 3Made 4Transport 2Decision 6Archaeology 2Performance 5Country 5Employee 4Chopin 2Meaning 2Living 2Conflict 3Feelings 6Afghanistan 2Worth 2Monetary-policy 2Diverse 8Good 8Hope 2Offense 2Action 3Meaning-of-life 5Direction 2Court 2Financial-statements 42008 8Prison 3High school 2Delivery 2Wilderness 2Net-present-value 3Caffeine 2Details 3Oriental 2Terms 4Hess 2Care 12Answer 2Ford 3Plainly 2Information 12Million 3Accounts 5Companies 9Story 9Research 12Strategic-management 12Deliver 3Early 3Net 4Witches 2Target-market 2Laura 2Recruiting 3Mom 3Appeal 3Effect 2Decisions 5Equilibrium 2Credit 3Emails 2Expense 4Image 2Their 66Personal 3Group 14Progress 3Explained 2English-language 2Couldn 2Well being 2Mother 7Suicide 4Shell 2Choice 2Used 8Islam 4Live 3Building 2Health-care-provider 3Staying 4Hospital 4All of them 3Principle 3Patrick 2Property 2Real 2Retailers 2Example 3Factors 3Allowed 2Articles 4Family members 6Compete 2Able 9Promoting 4Manila 2Appropriate 2Video game 2Family 21Great 6Just 8Activities 4Customer-service 5Cash 7Julius-caesar 2Drinking water 2Barack 2Obama 3Same 2Project 2Operate 32009 8Includes 2Capable 2Agency 2Vocabulary 3Kids 11Testing 3Legal 3Directors 2Review 2Public-company 2Associates 2Job 7Distinct 2Angeles 2Center 3Youth 2Nursing 2Service 5Race 3Doing 3Gases 2Everyday 2Parents 4Simply 2Consumer 2System 14Discrimination 2Driving-under-the-influence 2Dialect 3Library 2Dark 2Pressure 7Choose 2Diary 2Earth 4Sport 2United-states 15Automotive-industry 2Technological 2Became 6Patterns 2Brand 4Girl 5Discovered 2Share 2Roles 2Close friends 2Brief 3Beliefs 3Demands 2Function 3Team 3Concepts 2Exhibit 2Blood 3Global 4Economic 6Tragic-hero 3Managing 6Software-engineering 2Arrive 2Strategy 5Author 3East 3Sector 3Canada 5Bonds 2Deer 2Profits 2Teachers 2Drug-addiction 2Stock 2Learners 3Section 2Courses 3University 4Door 2Fear 2Trend 3Tragedy 3Medicine 6Hamlet 5House 5Seems 2Move 2Pc 2Policy 2Web page 3Gender-role 6Solution 3Lady macbeth 3Attention 6Characteristics 4Advances 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