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3Assistance 2Christian 2Population 6Household 2Agreement 2Seems 2Description 2Automotive-industry 2Season 2Auditing 2Relatives 5Chinese suppliers 3Cooperation 2Jess 2Explain 3Back 3_____ 2Didn 2Toyota 2Emotional 2Article 7Central-bank 2Corporation 5Nationalism 3Department 2Knew 2Human 14Brain 5Allowed 2Advancement 3Land 6Play 5Drug-addiction 2Word 3Organization 25Capitalism 3Dark 2Feeling 2Monetary 2Several 7Achieve 3Deep 2Alex 2Obama 3Iron 2Family 21Pakistan 2Health-care 6Choice 2Approach 2Evaluation 4Includes 2Marketing 10Working 3Stages 2Understand 7Local 4Analysis 6British 5Feel 3Continuous 2Network 2English-language-films 5Teachers 2Testing 3Idea 5Solution 3Consumer 2Poor 3Carbon-dioxide 3Michael 2Jobs 22014-2018 2Profit 3Cold 3Genuine 2Target audience 4Techniques 3There 13Advantages 3English-language 2Same 2First 9Logistics 3Community 4Case in point 3Hess 2Hamlet 5Nutrition 2Distinct 2Involves 2Sigmund-freud 2Populace 2World 15Roles 2Difficult 2Abraham-maslow 2Criminal 2Trade 2Costs 2Higher 2Days 2Promoting 4Reader 4Social 6Product 10Leaders 2Research 12Fear 2Liquor 2Kindergarten 2Appreciate 7Medical 52010 24Movie 4Progress 3House 5Setting 2Number 2Personnel 2Women 6Turn into 2Results 3Credit-card 2Sociology 15Guilt 2Look 2Developed 3Policy 2Claudio 2Internal 2Treatment 2Issued 2Move 2Beauty 2Component 2Higher-education 2Wooden 2Money 5Require 4Problems 6Reporting 2Perspective 2Traditional bank 2Show 3Food 4School 10Light 2Very good 2Canada 5Playing 2List 2Experience 3Manager 2Attend 2Differences 3Give 2Least 3Supply-chain 2Stage 3East 3Find 2Desire 3Which usually 11Reserve 2Care 12Divorce 2Romance 2Practice 4Mental 2Indians 2Speaking 2Nov 2Recruiting 3Education 21Effective 4Plaintiff 2Correct 3Terrorist 3Financial-statements 4Revenue 3Concepts 2Traffic 2Months 2Balance 2Field 2Accounting 4Economy 3Village 2Public 8Cellular 2Info 499 4Lady macbeth 3Football 2Purpose 2Using 2Childhood 2Web page 3Monetary-policy 2Story 9Employing 2Retailing 3Electricity 2Ford-motor-company 2Business 25Staying 4Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs 5Characters 3Customer-service 5Make 7Health-care-provider 3Support 5Meals 2Clear 2Driven 2Marriage 7Lives 6Partner 2Cleaning 2Abraham-lincoln 2Details 3Functions 4European-union 2In a position 3Blacks 2Administrator 2John 3Normal water 3Emotion 4Animal 4Loss of life 3Adjustments 3Acting 2High-school 5Freedom 5Made 4Financing 2World-wide-web 2Subject 2Europe 2Colonies 2Wilderness 2Compelling 2Generate 2Shell 2French 2Role 4Create 2Quran 2Down 2Asked 2Forces 3Revolution 2Barack 2Ever 2Australia 3Knowledge 3Chemical substance 2Firm 62014 9Bullying 3Obtaining 3Store 5Writing 3Indian 3Contract 61994 3Theory 6Wanted 3Job 7Soviet-union 4Accessed 3Love 8Learn 2Started 2Blood pressure 2Brought 3Area 4Pleasure 2Politics 4Which will 10Computers 2Today 2Treatments 2Motivation 3Competition 2King 42009 8Strong 2Husband 2Creation 3Race 3David 3Heart 3Prevalent 4Beginning 3Girl 5Kids 11Top quality 2Girls 2Interest 2Account 6Allow 2Exploration 2Management 25Came 5Day 2Long term 2Full 22013 122007 5Ideals 2Couple 2Opportunities 2Audience 7Energy 2Cars 3Americans 3Ikea 2Associates 2Statistics 3Color 2Important 5Decisions 5Systems 3Earth 4Achievement 2Yoga 2God 2Know 5Period 12Life 24Becoming 3Crime 2Actions 5Emotions 3Great 6Environment 7Brief 3Operate 3Sense 2Vocabulary 3Blood-pressure 2Anthropology 2Able 9Book 9Personal-life 2Cancers 2Operating-system 2Corporate-governance 2Auto 2Korea 3They 36Israel 2Music 7Gertrude 2Produces 2Gender-role 6Diary 2Animals 5Short-story 5Law 2Generally-accepted-accounting-principles 5Dog 2Workers 5Rights 2Articles 4Dreams 2Groups 4Capable 2Developing 3Mobile 2Hedge-fund 2Strength 2Items 9Society 9Economics 7Internal-control 2Direction 2Arrive 2Referred to as 2Himself 2Democratic-party 2Italia 2Develop 3United 2Saudi-arabia 2Cultures 2Corporate 2Intercultural-competence 2Books 3Occupational-safety-and-health 2Guidelines 2Gender 8Conflict 3Organizations 3Personality 4Entrepreneurship 2Appropriate 2Looking 2Work 10Gas 42012 15Living 2Adolf-hitler 4