Essay regarding Business Plan of Wood Community


A Hypothetical Business Plan

A Hypothetical Business Plan

COACH 513: Entrepreneurship


Sheikh Feroze Rehan



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March of sixteen, 2013

Business Plan of Wooden World


Executive Brief summary

Company Account

Company Backdrop

Products and Services

SWOT Analysis

Competitors Position

Administration Team

Action Plan

Capital Necessity Plan

Financial Aspect of Task

Operating Plan

Marketing Strategy

Exploration & Advancement

Challenges & Contingency Plan

Confidentiality & Recognition of Risks

Summary & Advice


Exec Summary:

Furniture has usually been a resource and labor-intensive industry that features both regional craft-based organizations and large amount producers. Bangladesh furniture making as a whole is a large and growing industry since1990. After the recession of 1991, the gross outcome of furniture and related products grew steadily although output dropped with the recession in 2001, but buoyed by the boom in household housing, total furniture end result growth quickly resumed.

Wooden World came up with a revolutionary idea of establishing a warehouse centered company. The objective of Wood World is to give distinctive and exceptional home furniture at economic price that will satisfy most level of clients of our region and to export unique and attractive designed furniture for the developed and developing countries. The company primarily will promote the product for local market and after 1-2years the maximum proceeds of the business will come by local market. After setting up a good and sustainable marketplace within the nation Furniture Bangladesh will go pertaining to exporting their particular product in abroad.

While economy in Bangladesh is now highly competitive, mixed with political instability and inflationary questions, very carefully with innovative tactics the business has to be carried on. Wooden World need to concentrate on Productivity, Efficiency and Management by Objective although starting the operation in the company. The most significant achievement of Wood World Company should really be the dynamism with far-sightedness in strategic planning. After three years and 90 days Wood World will reach in Break

Growth of Solid wood World will probably be supported by earnings and financial loan. This will continue to keep initial expansion slow and manageable and can allow the management to have complete control over the firm. Wood World attained insurance for our company via " Government Insurance Co. Ltd” and from " Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd”.

At this point day's suppliers are selling all their product direct to the retailers and people are excellent to have their particular brand. Suppliers are supplying products to retailers in credit and get the funds long after the selling. So , retailers will not likely want buy items from Real wood World upon cash. We can innovate profitable, exclusive and unique design at an economic cost that will create a good impression on consumers, and then the need of our item will be improved. Due to this popular of merchandise the unit price of our merchandise will be below the immediate manufacturers. As the suppliers can make more gain selling each of our product, the retailers is going to eager to consider our product on funds.

After the first investment we will be able to generate a very good part of the market discuss and we will have the ability to invest in different market portion.

Company Profile:

Name of the Project: Solid wood World

Kind of Business: Supplier of Furniture

Status of Ownership: Private Limited Firm

Address and placement: Warehouse and Office talk about: 131, Amin Bazar, Savar. Showroom treat...


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