An Evaluation of Tragedy and Take pleasure in in the Love History of Orpheus and Eurydice in Eurydice, a Take up by Sarah Ruhl

Unlike the sadness of the initial myth “Orpheus and Eurydice,” Sarah Ruhl’s modern day adaptation “Eurydice” follows the history of two persons “a touch too young and a touch too in love” with a feeling of wonder and desire to explore tragedy and love. On the other hand, Ruhl modernizes the common by switching the narrators point of view compared to that of Eurydice with an modified dialect, as the report is moved to become occur the 1950s. This makes a storyline that is even more relatable with a fresh voice that is previously ignored throughout history. The change in narration strengthens not just a once passive voice but also a tale that was viewed through one group of eye and shaded in misery and grief. Rather, this Ruhl’s variation emphasizes unity strengthened and destroyed by the human condition.

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The original story comes after Orpheus and Eurydice through historic Greece on their big day when Eurydice wanders through the woods and is chased by a god triggering her to run right into a river and stage on a viper who