An Examination of the Squeaky Heroes in Raymond Function by Toni Bambara

Surprisingly Similar

Although characters have distinctions in lifestyles, it's the similarities in personalities that triggers two individuals to be as well. Two characters that demonstrate that is Squeaky from "Raymond's Function" by Toni Cade Bambara and the Colonel from "Two Words" by Isabel Allende. Squeaky is usually a solid willed young girl who's a very good runner in her spot, and the Colonel is certainly a determined man who's feared and seeks respected electric power as a ruler in the near future. Despite the fact that they come from differing backgrounds, Squeaky and the Colonel are identical.

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One similarity between your two characters is both Colonel and Squeaky will be intimidating. In “Two Words and phrases”, the Colonel’s wants were being referred to as he imagined how he'd be treated with respect and honor as he strolled through city. Although, he soon realized that this type of treatment had not been present when he pointed out that "[m]en fled at the view of him, kids trembled, and women miscarried from fright" (Allende 388). People's reactions to the Colonel's existence demonstrates the Colonel is definitely intimidating because people are acting in ways they weren't just before. The fleeing, trembling, and hyperbole of miscarriage of the persons show that they happen to be uneasy and scared around the Colonel, which will be signs of intimidation. Also, in “Raymond’s Go”, as Squeaky foretells Mr. Pearson prior to the big competition, Mr.Pearson asks if she actually is likely to give someone else