An Essay on the life span and Writings of Samuel Langhorne Clemens

I thought we would do Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Tag Twain) because I really believe Twain is the greatest American writer of all time.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens might have been one of the biggest American authors of most time. Samuel, Child of John and James Clemens, was created on November 30, 1835 in the city of Florida, Missouri. Samuel was created two weeks premature and it appeared unlikely that Samuel would make it through the harsh winter but indeed he did. Loss of life would take other kids in the family rather: Margaret in 1836, Benjamin in 1842, and Henry in 1858(Miller, 2&3).

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According to Miller, Samuel remembered his dad as:

"A proud, a silent austere guy who considered himself to become a member of the professional course both by virtue of his birth and by the actual fact that he studied rules. He was Justice of the Peace in Florida and he owned 3 slaves, inherited by the loss of life of his father."

Samuel s father was who owns a 75,000 acre estate in Tennessee--land he previously purchased for 500 us dollars convinced that he was securing his family group s eventual fortune. Despite owning an estate in Tennessee, in 1839 James Clemens moved his relatives to Hannibal, Missouri where he hoped to find prosperity. 8 years in the future, Samuel s dad died of pneumonia leaving behind a family group of five. Samuel was 11 and was devastated.(Miller, 4&5)

Samuel Clemens was a difficult child. He nearly drowned on nine