A Discussion of the partnership between Democracy and Humanity's Social Values

"Unless you expect justice you will not have to plan disappointment"

This essay is certainly a critical examination of democracy and humanity's social values, it had been crafted as a speech instead of a peice of posting but is still effective in this file format.

Without a doubt about the truths I've arrive to discover previously years. In 1776 a band of revolutionists, oppressed by the Uk, got together to pledge their defiance and their independence from England. Almost immediately these were met with opposition. Not only from England but from persons that resided in the colonies that remained devoted to Great Britain. Those revolutionists fought and gained their freedom and independence, they established sail for a fresh land within their boat, The Mayflower. A couple days after that those guys, with the goodwill of mankind within their hearts and motivation from above formed a constitution, and soon after a Bill of Privileges, that placed into affect the United states. These were the Pilgrim Fathers.

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Immediately this system was fulfilled with a blockade, not merely from the other inhabitants of the known environment but by an ever before present evil that started out to hack away as of this almost perfect structure, piece by piece. This evil is selfishness and its own greed, its hatred in fact it is intolerance for others. Every year these evils include led people astray. They have forced us to select personal gain and pleasure over the nice of the universe and the persons around us. Every year their, and our actions have become further away from