A Critical Take on the idea of Time promptly and the device by Aldous Huxley

In his part Time and the Machine, Aldous Huxley argues that the thought of time as time and minutes can be an invention of modern societies centered around the surge of businesses and industrialization. He declares that before industrialization, time was measured more in a natural way, in the growing of sunlight, phases moon, and in the changing months. With the surge of business, schedules and deadlines, world has begun to become more aware of the passing time in more compact of increments. Time and a few minutes were invented since it became essential to divide up time since it was demanded. This is a “by-product of industrialism” and the ones who work in the industrial, urbanized environment have lost contact with the natural rhythm of time moving. “One can live and do the job in a town without having to be alert to the daily march of sunlight over the sky; without ever viewing the moon and superstars. … He's the inhabitant of an artificial universe that's, to an excellent extent, walled faraway from the world of characteristics.” He argues that point has stopped being measured in all natural increments and rather, is measured “in eight-hour days and nights and six-day weeks.”

I believe minutes and time turn into a necessary measurement of period when there exists a demand for this,

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